Frantoio Boeri from Liguria


The Frantoio Boeri company is located in Taggia, the homeland of the "taggiasca" olive, in western Liguria by the sea, near the border of France.

The entrepreneur
Founded at the end of the 1800s, the history of the Frantoio Boeri company, is the story of a family who traditionally cultivated and selected local quality olives transforming them with ancient wisdom into great value products and taking care of the whole production process from the collection of the olives to the "squeezing" of the oil.

The production technique
The use of the millstone and the special "cold" extraction characterize the quality of the Boeri oil that presents a range of extra virgin olive oils that have a wonderful fragrance and a very delicate flavour.

The product range
The extra virgin olive oil "Riviera Ligure - Riviera dei fiori" has unique features brought together by the best selection of "taggiasche" olives processed within 48 hours from their collection. It is ideal if consumed raw. It is delicate and light, with a fruity taste, with a balance of bitter and spicy. The same harmony of flavors and aromas can be found in local food that complete the range. To mention a few: “Olive taggiasche in salamoia”,“Olive taggiasche denocciolate”, “Pasta di olive taggiasche”, Pesto della Liguria” with Genovese basil and vegetables creams for example the one with artichokes.

The products are placed in small packaging and are exported to Europe and Japan.

Frantoio Boeri - Patrizia Biondo:
V.le Della Rimembranza, 34
18018 Arma di Taggia (IM)
Tel. e Fax +39 0184.43645


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