Fraccaro Spumadoro miniature pastries

The excellence in selecting the ingredients, research and care for the preparation acquired over the years with both organic and vegan product, put at the service of conventional pastry: ‘Fraccaro Spumadoro’ presented its new line of miniature pastries inspired by the typical tradition of Veneto region , still prepared in a traditional way.

Dolci Tentazioni (Sweet temptations): references
This line offers in simple and elegant transparent packaging, in order to give maximum visibility to its product, five typical sweets: ‘zaeti’, Tuscan almonds sweets ‘cantucci’, ‘brutti ma buoni (ugly but good)’, puff pastries, and ‘bocconcini’. The raw materials used by Fraccaro are preferably of local origin, and the use of slow rising leads to more intense taste and aroma, as well as better digestibility of sweet specialities, and with a greater availability of minerals. Besides raw material, manual ability and craftsmanship predominate in manufacturing, although of course some processes were automated. The quality is then certified by different organizations. The last one, still in the process of achievement, is BRC, British Retail Consortium, aimed at export. Luca Fraccaro, sales and marketing director, says: ‘Especially abroad, the attention to specific products, prepared with selected recipes, processes, and products, is increasing. Price is not the first factor, so that the attention by the most extensive large-scale retail trade chains, too, is attracted’.

Good and ecological
Environmental sustainability is the other aim of this company, conceptually related to the topic of ingredients. For this reason Fraccaro prefer local products, optimizing logistics, and create wealth locally. This company decided to acquire a 117 kW photovoltaic system, through which CO2 emissions are reduced by 52 tonnes, and a heating system for heating both processing environments and leavening cells, largely fuelled by the solar panels of the company. Ethics extends to packaging, which will soon be completely recyclable, for all products.

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