Enjoyment and high quality also in travel

When traveling it is not always possible taste genuine and high quality italian deli products, which with their flavor and aroma remind the warmth of home. Furlotti & C. with a product range dedicated to the On-Board Catering and Vending, launches a new way to enjoy delicious meats and cheeses on the train, plane and ship.
The new range On-Board Catering and Vending not only offers products designed to improve the comfort of passengers on public transport, but also products dedicated to vending machines. From now, take a break in front of the “vending machine” will be an opportunity to taste traditional deli meat products or cheeses, guaranteed from Furlotti & C., synonymous of quality. Who don’t want to give up taste and authenticity, therefore, will choose the Mini snacks, a comfortable serving of salami, strolghino, mortadella, ham, bacon, and others, or the Cheese snacks, always in portions, with best cheeses accompanied by fruit jam, for a practical consumption worthy of a gourmet! The new range On-Board Catering and Vending is also available as private label (catering line or air line or marine or rail).

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