Eccellenze Campane and its attention to the Far East

Eccellenze Campane, the food and wine center based in Naples, London, Milan and soon in Rome, went to Singapore the first week of June to present the Discover Campania project at the OSO Restaurant, winner of numerous gastronomic awards.

During the celebrations of the Italian Republic Day, Eccellenze Campane was in the city-state with a delegation of its chefs and Maestri pizzaioli, who offered the best of traditional Campania cuisine, through a careful selection of products and typical recipes.

Discover Campania allowed all Italian cuisine lovers in Singapore to start a journey to discover the culinary excellence of Southern Italy, through a series of tasting menus combined with theme nights, business lunches and afternoon buffets during the weekend.

 "With Discover Campania, a few months after the initiative in Casa Italia at the Olympic Games in Korea, Eccellenze Campane returns to the Far East in Singapore. Our presence here wants to witness the particular attention and the strong interest towards the Asian market, which is more and more attentive not only to Italian cuisine but also to aspects such as sustainability, origin and genuineness of the products, which are very close to our hearts and that fully represent the philosophy of Eccellenze Campane", said Paolo Scudieri, Eccellenze Campane’s president. 

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