Each typical Veneto cheese has a sensorial story to tell

CARTINA_VENETOThe Veneto Region boasts a wealth of traditional cheeses, produced by small dairy companies at local level, who strive to achieve high quality and maintain the traditional nature of their products. In these companies the milk used comes mainly from farms in the surrounding area. In this way a close bond is created between the local microclimate, the diet of the animals, the characteristics of the raw ingredient and the recipe, which is often handed down from generation to generation of dairy farmers, creating a unique connection between the territory and its cheeses:


Angelico del Grappa

Bastardo del Grappa


Gran Riserva

Formajo Inbriago

Morlacco del Grappa




The ‘Frutti di un Territorio’ (Fruits of a Territory) project
It comes from the farsightedness of two companies, Ven.Lat. and Centro Veneto Formaggi, that recognised the need to create a partnership in order to deal with market developments more effectively. The project has been created with the aim of promoting a specific segment of cheese production, which uses artisan methods closely linked to tradition, through the qualified selection of products and producers. In a time when fraudulent food products are unfortunately becoming commonplace, the process has obtained certification according to the regulation UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 Voluntary Certification of Production Chain and Product. In July 2011 the cheeses, sold in whole forms and marked with the letters FDT (Frutti di un Territorio) on their rind or packaging possess the CSQA Certification, meeting the objectives of the network: cheeses produced in the Veneto Region from milk produced exclusively in the Veneto region. This is guaranteed by a System of Management of Production network which follows the traceability of the cheeses from the phase of milk production to the phase of shipment of the finished product to the wholesale client.

Photo by Centro Veneto Formaggi


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