Drei Donà, the original Sangiovese of Romagna

bottiglie_1Claudio Drei Donà, a law graduate and fond of challenges, in the 80s decided to give up legal career in order to entirely devote himself to viticulture. It did it by means of a project which aimed at creating a company able to produce a high-quality Sangiovese wine. Thus, in his estates ‘Palazza’, ‘Morettina’, and ‘Valentina’, which have belonged to his family since 1927 and are located in the hills of Romagna among Forlì, Castrocaro, and Predappio, Claudio began a path which for over ten years engaged him in restructuring both vineyards and winery, as well as a careful experimentation aimed at obtaining wines which are the authentic expression of the land from which they come. The soul of Drei Donà estate just consists in the respect for the autochthonous grape, Sangiovese, enhanced and peculiar thanks to both microclimate and conditions of the soil in which the company is located.

drei dona tenutaWines expression of their land

Sangiovese DOC Superiore Riserva Pruno is a single varietal, ruby red, warm and soft wine, but at the same time with a strong character, and a long and harmonious end. To this wine, the younger Notturno adds, and the exclusive Graf Noir, the great family reserve: it is the result of the joint vinification of Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, and Longanesi grapes.

To this wine, with the 2009 vintage, Cuvée Palazza added. It is a Sangiovese vinified in large barrels, according to the ancient method.

Other wines are noteworthy: the international Magnificat, a Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard, which in 1993 earned Drei Donà the sixth place in Steven Tanzer’s American world ranking of the Top 100, and Tornese, obtained from Chardonnay and Riesling, so demonstrating the extraordinary potential of a terroir which has allowed this company to be included in the Committee ‘Comitato dei Grand Cru’ of Italy, representing the 130 national best wine enterprises characterized by at least 20 years of history as producers of excellent wines recognized by both market and criticism. Wine Spectator, then, has completed the acknowledgements, as in the last three years it has always placed Drei Donà, represented by Sangiovese Riserva Pruno, among the best 100 big Italian producers. effetto_1

For all these reasons, Drei Donà can be described as one of the most representative companies in the Emilia-Romagna region. Its wines, largely exported to USA, Japan, and Germany, are considered worldwide as one of the most beautiful expressions of the land of Romagna.

Giovanna Drei Donà, Claudio’s wife, whose children Enrico and Ida Vittoria help her in the company, states: «All those who look for the true soul of a land, with the aim of discovering the one which today is the only real alternative to the great Tuscan wines, cannot miss the emotion of surprise which, through our products, this land can give. Our philosophy has always been based on the belief that wines must be the truest expression of the land from which they come. For this reason, over the years we have always followed the principle according which the quality of the product cannot disregard the global quality with which the company interacts with the environment that hosts it, following the ideal of sustainability. Since 2009, in fact, we have joined the Project ‘Magis of Bayer CropScience’, for environmental sustainability, and today we are one of the first seven Italian companies certified by DNV - Det Noeske Veritas. We can tell that we are very proud of this!».

Giovanna ed Enrico Drei Donà

Giovanna ed Enrico Drei Donà

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