‘Double gold’ for Arrigoni Gorgonzola

New successes for Arrigoni Cheeses: Arrigoni Gorgonzola won two gold medals at the prestigious Nantwich International Cheese Awards, one of the most important world events concerning this domain in which this year 4,615 cheeses and dairy products coming from 31 Countries took part. The prestigious acknowledgements were awarded to both Spicy Gorgonzola produced by Arrigoni with Waitrose brand and Sweet Gorgonzola. PDO Sweet Gorgonzola, one of the flagship products of the company, is marbled, soft, uncooked cheese, produced with whole cow's milk. In comparison with the spicy variety, the sweet version is soft, with evenly distributed marbling, and characterized by mainly blue-greenish moulds.gorgonzola copia

This gold medal is just the most recent success: as a matter of fact, in recent years numerous awards were assigned to PDO Arrigoni Sweet Gorgonzola:

  • 2014 - Super Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in London (UK)
  • 2013 - Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham (UK)
  • 2013 – Acknowledgement by the US ‘Culture Magazine’ as one of the ‘101 Best Cheeses of Years’

Besides Gorgonzola, Arrigoni stands out in the world of dairy companies for the production of many Lombard cheeses, such as Taleggio, Crescenza, and Quartirolo Lombardo. The high quality of its products is guaranteed by the control of the entire chain, from fresh milk coming from controlled farms, located within km 30 from the plant where it is processed, to the finished product and passion with which every production stage is carried out.

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