Dolceraggio, simple and sweet

11_43 LATTERIA A_DOLCERAGGIO'Latteria' cheese is one of the most typical cheeses of the Veneto Region, and it was created thanks to the goodness of the pastures and the mountain air. It gets its name from 'Latteria Turnarie', which at the end of the last century, substituted the dairy companies and family dairies. It is a semi-hard cheese which is ready for consumption after a brief maturation period. Its dough is light coloured with regular holes, a soft delicate taste which, with longer maturation, becomes more intense.

The Dolceraggio is a typical 'latteria' cheese whose most distinctive characteristics are simplicity and sweetness. These are properties which render it a cheese appreciated by all, especially the very young. It’s a table cheese with a soft consistency, produced with cow’s milk. Soft light straw yellow dough, compact when cut, pasty, smooth regular straw yellow rind, with a pleasant sweet flavour, typically milky.

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