Delizie di Calabria: the country culture

peperoncini ripiueni con pecorino g. 500 ermeticoIn Calabria, a family deeply rooted in the culture of their homeland has given life to a unique company: 'Delizie di Calabria’. Domenico Scalise, the founder, says: «Delizie di Calabria is not just a company which produces important gastronomic specialties, but it is a piece of history of this land and its strong and humble people».
'Delizie di Calabria’, located in the heart of Calabria, has recovered the best of the alimentary tradition of the country culture of Calabria, so producing, by means of home-made preparations and natural preservation processes, with no additives or preservatives, many products characterized by unique and unmistakable taste, which can meet the requirements coming from the most demanding consumers not only in Italy, but even in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Korea.
Scalise specifies: «By tasting our products, the consumer has the impression of being hosted by a family in Calabria where he can find both warmth and flavour of a thousand year old land».
The work begins with the search for raw materials and it is completed with a hand-crafted hygienically controlled production, in which only organic products have free access to the laboratories of production.

Carciofi ai tre pepi g. 1500‘Delizie di Calabria’ proposes such products as the red onion of Tropea, which has been known and exported for centuries all over the world; mushrooms, collected in the ancient forests of Sila, where majestic giant pines stand; anchovies and sardines (the ‘caviar of Calabria’) fished in the Ionian Sea, all with BRC, IFS, ISO 22000: 2205 certifications, and the Bollo CEE Y2NOV certificate.
Several lines are produced: the ‘Condi Calabria’, flavoured oils among which spicy oil stands out; the ‘Linea Ripieni’ with ‘Carciofi Ripieni con Tonno’ (artichokes stuffed with tuna), ‘Cipolla rossa con Pecorino’ (pinzimonio g. 520red onion with sheep’s milk cheese), ‘Pomodori secchi con alici’ (sun dried tomatoes with anchovies); the 'Stuzz'Olive Line', with ‘Olive ripiene con ‘Nduja’ (olives stuffed with' Nduja), ‘Olive ripiene con pecorino’ (olives stuffed with sheep’s milk cheese), and ‘Olive ripiene con sardella’.
«Our ancestors did not know preservation processes different from the ones provided by nature and they used them. It was almost a relation of functional character between nature and man’s needs». Delizie di Calabria has collected and welcomed the tradition followed by the ancestors of the land of Calabria.

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