De gustibus disputandum est

The exhibition "Gola, Art and science of taste" throws down a challenge proposing a reflection on the relationship between pleasure and nutrition, leading us to discover why taste is a key-ingredient in our life, being so closely connected to our emotional sphere.

Produced by the Marino Golinelli Foundation in partnership with La Triennale di Milano the exhibition, which will run at La Triennale from January 31 to March 12, 2014 is a project by Giovanni Carrada, who is its scientific curator, while Cristiana Perrella is the artistic curator of the exhibition.

14 Minter_1

Marilyn Minter Green Pink Caviar, 2009 Video digitale HD su DVD, 7’ 45’’ Courtesy l’artista e Salon 94, New York

The exhibition itinerary is organised in five expositive areas, each one dedicated to a specific theme, where the intuitions of some great contemporary artists will be combined to scientific exhibit exploring whose instinctive and educational mechanisms which the evolution masked as a simple moment of pleasure instead of a taking into account the complexity of the nutrition properties of the food we eat, alternating  an episodic and enquiring approach to a more systematic and interpretative one.
So, for instance, while Marina Abramovic bites and then eats a raw onion, or Sophie Calle shows us through pictures the dishes which her self-imposed special monochromatic diet is made of, the visitor is brought to reflect on our DNA criteria which resume under one sensation only all the informations conveyed through the food we eat: non only flavour but smell,  appearance and texture contribute  to determine our choices without our mindfulness. The show will include also Marylin Minter’s transgressive irony, and works of Christian Jankowski, Ernesto Leto, Cheryl Donegan, Anri Sala, Boaz Arad, Jorgen Leth, Gabriella Ciancimino, Sharmila Samant, Martin Parr, Hannah Collins juxtaposed to the brain mechanisms aroused by (sometimes factitiously) those “mega-yummy” foods produced by the food-industry to create forms of real addiction.

The omnivore’s dilemma, the senses of taste, good to think, junk-food secrets and rebuilding taste are the themes which have been analysed in order to overturn that renowned aphorism which prevented us to discuss about taste for centuries. Discussing this subject is not only an opportunity, but is indeed a duty – both  for the intrinsic interest of the theme, which could lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and for the current issue of today’s health problems caused by food abundance. This issue has not been foreseen by the evolution, which moulded our eating-behaviour. for any bookings enquiry.

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