Conserve Italia is ready to the American challenge

‘Conserve Italia’ is preparing to strengthen its export quota on the American market. ‘Conserve Italia USA Corporation’ was established in New Jersey, with headquarters in Hoboken. It is managed by Pier Paolo Rosetti in the role of president and two directors, Cesare Concilio and Diego Pariotti. The offices of the new American headquarters have had a surprising debut: here ‘Conserve Italia’ signed a distribution agreement for the sale of Cirio products with Walmart.

Pier Paolo Rosetti, General Manager of  ‘Conserve Italia’ and president of ‘Conserve Italia USA’, explains: ‘As a long-term solution, Cirio products will be present in 30% of all Walmart stores in the United States. Starting this week, our products are already on the shelves in ‘True authentic Italian’, a space that has always been very popular among American consumers, although packs that have nothing of made in Italy are abundant, as it is well known’.

Cirio has some highly innovative elements. Its purees will be sold in convenient packs in Tetra Recart carton, which are opened with a simple tear-off without the use of scissors, while both peeled tomatoes and tomato puree are present in clusters containing two half a kilo cans, to avoid wastes.

‘Conserve Italia’ is a cooperative consortium leader in Italy in the domain of food processing, which associates 14,000 agricultural producers and processes 600,000 tonnes of fruit, tomatoes and vegetables, which are processed in 12 factories, of which 9 in Italy, two in France and one in Spain. The total aggregate turnover of ‘Gruppo Conserve Italia’ is 900 million Euros.

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