Conserve Italia chooses to adopt ‘voluntary origin declaration’

Conserve Italia decided to adopt a sort of voluntary origin declaration in order to enhance the Italian origin of all its processed products that use exclusively raw materials cultivated in Italy. The consumers will find on the market packages of Valfrutta with such terms as ‘borlotti italiani (Italian borlotti beans)’ or ‘Italian chickpeas’, with ‘by our farmers’ claim added. From a research carried out by Astra Ricerche, it emerges that 92% of Italians are in favour of agro-industrial products processed in Italy and with Italian raw materials.

  • Furthermore, in the new look a map of Italy, too, is present, with the indication of the regions of origin of the products, in order to make available to the consumer information concerning the specific areas in which the agricultural productions which arrive in the factories are cultivated, too.
  • The first reference on the market concerns vegetables in glass jar (beans, peas, and chickpeas). Beginning from September, the other Valfrutta brand products, from tomato products to fruit juices, will follow.

Angel Sanchez, Director of Conserve Italia, owner of the brand Valfrutta, explains: ‘Our one is double track guarantee system, because besides ensuring the completely Italian origin of our products, we communicate to our consumers another important value added, too, which is precisely the guarantee that these raw materials are characterized by high quality. They are the fruit of work, passion and experience offered by 14,000 associate members who give their products every year to our cooperative consortium’.

To the Italian origin of products, such positive values ​​ as quality, freshness, naturalness and tradition are more and more often associated. From a research realized by Astra Ricerche, it emerged that as much as 92% of Italians are in favour of both alimentary products and drinks produced in Italy and with Italian raw materials only, 78% hope this for all products, and 54% tell they are willing to pay a bit more a product characterized by such a symbol or icon of warranty.

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