Combatting counterfeit wines with a click

From the research entitled “IDCork” comes a real cork and an app that puts a stop to counterfeiting and protects quality wine. To do so, all you have to do is click. The technology developed and patented by the Brentapack Company of the Labrenta Group, which has forty years’ experience in closures for the beverage sector, guarantees the authenticity of a wine thanks to an all-embracing traceability system, which starts with the cork used for the production of the closure and continues with information provided by the winery.

By means of the special app consumers can access a whole range of information: the area and period of extraction of the cork, its characteristics, data regarding the processing of the cork closure, the name of the winery and characteristics of the wine (such as vintage, blend and bottle code).  Anyone can use this system directly from a cell phone, discovering everything there is to know about a wine purchased in a shop or served in a restaurant. To do so, all you have to do is download the free app from the website ( Once it is activated, you can proceed with the visual recognition of the cork thanks to the comparison of its composition with the one shown in the photo. Then you can enter the code printed on the closure and this will open up several screens with information on the cork, the wine and the winery. «Every cork is unique and, with the technology that we use, we can trace its history, processing and production»,   states Gianni Tagliapietra, CEO of Brentapack, who explains how the benefits of this system are not only a form of protection for the consumer, but also for the producers: «If there are problems, we provide a professional service to the wineries as well. The consumer can in fact send the cork to our laboratories, which will provide an answer regarding any problems the product might have.  In this way we can remove any doubts the wineries may have and avoid misleading assessments».

According to data provided by Coldiretti, it is estimated that in recent months in the European Union alone at least 20 million bottles of fake wine have been made from wine kits produced in Canada, as well as in European countries such as Sweden: wine kits which - as Coldiretti explains – promise that in just 5 days the consumer can enjoy at home wines such as Valpolicella, Lambrusco, Sangiovese and Primitivo, for which they even provide the labels for the bottles. These figures alone make clear the importance of the system patented by Brentapack.

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