Collebianco, the artisans of the Mozzarella di Bufala

Among the best-known companies of the Campania Region, there is ‘Collebianco’, one of the most authentic dairy farms in the production of the DOP Mozzarella di Bufala.mozzarella-bufala-250

Skilled hands use buffalo milk coming from the healthier farms of the DOP area of Salerno. The specifications provide for the exclusive use of cow buffalo’s milk. Aldo Ambrosca, owner of Collebianco, explains: «The origin of the milk we use is guaranteed, as it is the result of some of the best local farms, from our partners located in the heart of the ‘Piana del Sele’ in the province of Salerno. We make sure that the animals have a natural feeding and a right way of life».
The quality of Collebianco products is further guaranteed by the membership of this company to the producers association ‘Consorzio Tutela Formaggio’ and the specific DOP certificate. Its production cycle requires that the milk used in order to be transformed into the Mozzarella di Bufala must be delivered to the dairy within 12 hours after milking and stored in containers that do not change its organoleptic characteristics.
Thanks to operators’ experience and skills, the traditional craft techniques are followed, supported by modern machinery. From this strip of land, the Mozzarella di Bufala is then transported across Italy, reaching Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Britain, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Japan, too, always ensuring constant freshness.
All Collebianco’s products are ISO9001 Rina certified, with the DOP mark, the EEC stamp, and FDA for export to the USA, with a packaging consisting in envelopes which are closed with a knot, by hand, or with packers, so as to allow the export, with three different types of packaging: glass, cushion, and bow.

White delicacies
affumicata-di-bufalaThe ‘Affumicata di Bufala Campana DOP’ is characterized by a round shape, a dark colour outside due to the smoking, a thin rind with a smooth surface, consisting in natural ingredients only, with no preservatives or additives. It must be consumed fresh, within a few days from production.
The ‘Aversana di Bufala Campana DOP’ is is recognizable because of its outside characterized by a white porcelain colour, with narrow leaves, slightly elastic in the first 8-10 hours from its production, while after this time it tends to become more fondant. The ‘Bocconcini affumicati di Bufala Campana’ when cut show a slight whitish fat serosity, with scent of lactic acid bacteria. ricotta di bufalaThe ‘Cow Buffalo Ricotta’ is obtained by means of coagulation of the whey of the cow buffalo’s milk, characterized by a creamy and soft consistency, and a fresh and delicately salty flavour.
The 'Sfoglia di Bufala’ is similar to a pizza and it is suggested to season it at will, maybe with garden rocket and bresaola, tomato and tuna.sfoglia

All these products bear witness to Ambrosca family’s philosophy, characterized from generations by a «genuine dairy production, with respect for tradition», as Ambrosca says. He adds a tip: for a good conservation, the Mozzarella di Bufala must be kept inside its packaging, immersed in its liquid. Absolutely avoid keeping it in the fridge: cold temperature would affect its flavour and consistency. It is better to keep it in a cool place, in the summer, while during the winter, before eating it, in order to taste it at its best, it is advisable to dip the still sealed envelope in a bowl of warm water (around 20 degrees) for about 15 minutes.


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