Cetrone: olive-growers for passion

in100 hectares of olive trees, 20,000 plants, many of which are centuries old, among the almond trees typical of this land, a single, exceptional variety of olives: ‘Itrana’, otherwise known as ‘Olive of Gaeta’. We are in the province of Latina, in the stretch of coast of ‘Monti Lepini’, behind the Circeo National Park. Here there are the ideal conditions for olives growing, thanks to the influence of the sea, the almost uninterrupted presence of the sun, the rocky conformation of the soil, and the altitude of the olive groves, at 500 meters above sea level.

And here the excellence is at home. This happens in the Company ‘Azienda Cetrone’: here the olives are picked by hand directly from the tree in the months of November/December. As soon as they have been picked, the olives are carefully selected and then pressed, rigorously cold, no later than 24 hours after, in the company mill which works in a continuous cycle.

'Olive-grower for passion': this is Alfredo Cetrone’s signature. And passion, along with expertise, care, and experience gained by the family since 1860, have led the company to be the flagship of olive-growing of this land.

Cetrone oil is actually an ‘essence’, characterized by a very low acidity and exceptional organoleptic characteristics, golden reflections, a fruity flavour with aftertaste of almond, enriched by a fragrant aroma.

Alfredo explains: «I was little more than twenty year old. With lot of determination, I managed to convince my parents that it was essential to aim at specialization, if we wanted to continue to work in agriculture. We chose perhaps the most difficult way, the one of oil, which twenty years ago did not count on a particular culture. But I can say that I have been able to do what I proposed. We have a strong demand for our product, even from foreign markets. The secret of our success consists in continuing to devote utmost care to the quality, even when the crisis pushes consumers and experts to look at price, rather than content».

Cetrone oils

Cetrone Colline Pontine DOP is an oil that results surprising for its elegance and harmony. It looks clear, and it is characterized by a green colour with golden hues. Its scent is broad and complex, characterized by herbaceous aromas, with fruity tomato smells. Its taste opens with elegant notes of tomato. Bitter and spicy flavour are in good harmony. It is ideal raw on crudités prepared with artichokes and mushrooms, spelt and pulse salads, thinly-sliced raw meat dressed with oil and Parmigiano cheese, fish and beef tartare, raw shellfishes, marinated fish, vegetable and pulse soups, risotto, grilled fish, grilled white and red meat, raw and cooked vegetables, fresh and aged cheeses with spun paste.

IN - Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Cetrone Intenso is a definite and enveloping oil. It looks clear and it is characterized by a nice green colour. Its scent is complex, characterized by intense aromas of herbs, with strong fruity smells of artichoke, thistle, and tomato. Its elegant taste distinguishes itself for the elegant notes of artichoke, thistle, tomato, and balsamic herbs of sage and mint. Bitter and spicy notes are definite and in good harmony. It is excellent raw on salads prepared with artichokes, royal agarics, and porcini mushrooms, thinly-sliced raw meat dressed with oil and Parmigiano cheese, fish and beef tartare, raw shellfishes, vegetable and pulse soups, thinly-sliced tuna and grilled swordfish, grilled red meat , mature cheese with spun paste.

deDE - Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva Cetrone Delicato is characterized by the unmistakable peculiarities which result from an expert harmony between the herbaceous notes and fruity hints of tomato, almond, and banana. Its look is characterized by nice light green colour. Its scent is complex and elegant. Its taste distinguishes itself for elegant notes of tomato, almond, banana and balsamic herbs of sage and mint. Bitter and spicy flavour are present, but in perfect balance, and close in sweet almond. It is ideal with marinated fish, spelt and pulse salads, asparagus velvet sauce, vegetable risotto, grilled fish and white meat, bass in salt, raw and grilled vegetables, fresh cheeses with spun paste, strawberries with vanilla ice cream.

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Cetrone is rich and complex, characterized by a golden colour with green reflections. Its taste opens with elegant notes of artichoke, tomato and almond. Bitter and spicy taste are present and in good harmony. It is especially suitable for baking, ideal raw as a seasoning.Oliva_ITRANA_


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