Casa Radicci, a corporate brand for export

Simona RadicciOver 40 years ago, Radicci family, originating from the municipality of Gioia del Colle, in the province of Bari (where the delicious ‘Fior di Latte’ mozzarella was born), moved to the province of Turin. Here the family began to produce dairy products, combining the ancient dairy art of Apulia with the excellent milk produced in stables in Piedmont.

Since then, Casa Radicci has become a large group, formed by a staff of 150 people and whose headquarters are in the plant of 15,000 square metres at Lauriano (Turin). By means of a rigorous model of short and certified chain, the Company processes more than 200 tonnes of milk a day, 100% coming from Piedmont. Thus more than 8 million kilograms of cheese per year are produced, for more than 40 different types of references.

The current production of Casa Radicci does not include ‘Fior di Latte’ mozzarella only, but also other fresh spun paste cheeses, such as ‘burrata’, artisan and industrial ‘ricotta’, scamorza and caciocavallo, produced under ‘Caseificio Pugliese’ brand. In terms of soft fresh cheese, with the brand of ‘Conrado’, historical icon of dairy art in Piedmont, mainly the typical ‘tomini’, both fresh and marble ones, and the emerging ‘primosale (fresh, lightly salted cheese)’ are produced. With ‘Spega’ brand, which was recently acquired, especially ‘stracchino’ and ‘crescenza’ soft cheeses are produced, in the two lines prepared with either cow's or goat’s milk, and, in addition, ricotta, robiola, milk, and yogurt.

The production is directed to retail channels, HoReCa, and alimentary industry, with a turnover of more than 42 million Euros. Over 10% of production is directed abroad: mainly in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Benelux), but increasingly in the Middle and Far East (UAE, Qatar, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Republic of Singapore), too.

The raw materials processed by Casa Radicci exclusively come from 42 selected and certified stables in Piedmont, which breed purebred Friesian cows. These cows guarantee the production of very high quality milk. Goat’s milk comes from 10 stables in Piedmont, mainly Saanen and Camosciata breeds, which produce food of proven excellence. The other ingredients are milk enzymes, rennet, and salt.

Simona Radicci, Marketing & Export Manager of the corporate brand, explains: ‘Our secret is precisely the combination of traditional craft and contemporary production technologies, which allow constantly keeping under control the whole process. Our daily challenge is to process the milk, simple and natural ingredient par excellence, respecting both absolute quality and pleasure of taste, creating a range of cheeses characterized by strong personality and consistently in line with consumers' expectations’.

The future of Casa Radicci is oriented to intensify its growth in export, strengthening sales in North Europe and increasingly in China, Japan, and the United States.

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