Brio keeps on growing

BRIO_composizione_confezionatiLDespite the difficult economic context, in 2016 Brio placed on the market more than 370,000 tons of products (+ 10% over the previous year), reaching a total turnover of almost 70 million euro (+ 12% on 2015).

A result in line with the positive trend of the organic world in our country, where there are almost 60,000 operators, of which over 45,000 producers.

"The positive results obtained by Brio demonstrate the validity of the aggregation process carried out in 2014 with the entry of Agrintesa, Apo Conerpo and Alegra in the shareholding structure of our company. A strategic transaction that aims to win the leading role in the production and commercialization of vegetables cultivated with natural methods and to achieve a turnover of 100 million Euros in 2019 ", said Gianni Amidei, president of the the organic fruit and vegetable production company based in Zevio, near Verona.

"In these years - added Andrea Bertoldi, Brio general manager - our group made great efforts to strengthen its production structure that now includes 443 farms with a production of organic fruits and vegetables which covers an area of 1,690 hectares out of a total of 4,950 organically cultivated fields”.

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