Born from grapes

Majolini_vigne2In Ome, an ancient village in the heart of Franciacorta, the Maiolini Family has been present since the end of the Fifteenth century. It has been linked from time immemorial to this land and its viticulture. Its very name refers to an autochthonous vine of red grapes, the ‘Majolina’, which grows only in this region and is still cultivated by the family. In the 60s, thanks to Valentino Maiolini’s passion, the old cellar has been renovated and new vineyards purchased; twenty years later, in 1981, Valentino’s four sons transformed their estate into a wine growing and producing company for the production of the ‘Franciacorta’, with the aim of exploiting the potential of their vineyards and optimizing their yield, in rigorous compliance with the history of wine.

Today the third generation, Simone, Giovanni, and Elena are in charge of the winery and of the 26 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. The winery produces about 150,000 bottles each year, with a minimum ageing of 3 years and a peak of 10 for the best vintages.

Brut, Satèn, and Electo
Thanks to the combination of the grapes with which they are produced​​, Majolini wines are well structured, mineral, and with a rich bouquet of aromas; among the 8 types in production, the most successful ones are non- vintage Brut, Satèn, and Electo reserve with at least 5 years of aging.

BrutThe Brut, a blend of Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir grapes, has been the first Franciacorta realized ​​and represents 60% of the production: 90,000 bottles a year are produced. This wine, characterized by a clear personality and an enveloping, full, captivating, dry, and strong flavour, distinguishes itself for a delicate, large scent. It shows evident hints of yeast, a light note of vanilla, and a 'long' aging, of at least 36 months, which characterizes it for both structure and importance.

SatenThe Satèn is especially elegant and fine par excellence. Its flavour is delicate and soft, almost creamy, and reminds of ripe fruit; it is produced in 25,000 bottles a year and it is perhaps the most distinctive wine of Franciacorta. It can be obtained with white grapes only.

Electo_senza dataThe Electo is the most awarded wine of this company. It boasts many national and international acknowledgements. This reserve is characterized by evolved and varied scents, as well as full and refined taste. It ages for at least 5 years on yeasts and since 1990 it has been produced in 12,000 bottles at the most, only in the best vintages.

Carbon Free
Majolini wines are appreciated in Italy and distributed by a network of almost 50 sales agents, but they also enjoy a good spread in America (USA and Canada), Far East, and Australia. Their packaging is carefully made: the packages of Brut and Satèn have more immediate colours (gold and silver), while for Electo black colour has been chosen, as it is triumphal and elegant. In general the image of each wine results to be clean and essential: the boxes with six bottles reflect both colours and lines of the label concerning the type of Franciacorta they contain; the ones with one, two, and three bottles, on the other hand, are white and on them a vine-shoot is depicted.

Every bottle does not produce CO2. This happens thanks to the careful working process, energy-saving, and green policy. Cantina Majolini has been one of the pioneer in the monitoring of  the environmental impact of its activities and one of the first companies in Italy to be able to declare to be 'Carbon Free', as during the production cycle of each bottle the global activity of this company absorbs more CO2 than it produces.D31_5303

More and more exports and organic
Simone Maiolini, Chief Executive Officer, explains: «These years, managed by tradition and respect for our land and customers, have been full of satisfactions, first of all for achieving a high quality of our wines. To date, we export 10% of our production, but we would like to reach 20% in 3 years. SimoneMaioliniThe most substantial problem consists in that the ‘Franciacorta’ wines, outside of Italy, and contrary to ‘Prosecco’ or ‘Champagne’ ones, are not well known; for this reason, every day we try to present and let know our wines not only to importers, but also to individual sommeliers and restaurants. We intend to focus more and more on USA and Japan, the most receptive Countries. In the USA, in particular, we are currently looking for an importer for the major States, including the fundamental ones, California and Florida. In addition, in 2013 we launched the organic conversion of our vineyards; for the future we would like to focus on organic production, because customers are more and more attentive and demanding, and because this will allow us to differentiate some products, also proposing our products to a sector that we have not considered until now».



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