Beer and lemons for a refreshing taste

Birra Moretti RadlerBirra Moretti’s family is renewed by a new product with a round taste and a strong refreshing power where beer (45%) joins the fresh taste of rigorously Italian lemons: the Birra Moretti Radler, a beer with alcohol content of 2% vol. "Radler" in German means cyclist. The history of this product dates back to 1922 in Germany, and more precisely in Oberhaching, a village about fifteen kilometers south of Monaco. It is said that Radler was invented by Franz Xaver Kugler, the owner of the pub Kugler-Almdi Oberhaching where, in June 1922, more than 13,000 cyclists arrived. Stocks of beer finished soon, and to remedy the emergency, Franz mixed beer with thousands of bottles of lemonade, stating that the mixture was made ​​just for cyclists. The invention of Kugler received a great success and became popular in Germany under the name Radler Mass.

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