Barilla is ready to innovate: a patented system for online business

Barilla aims at replicating the strategy appliance + refills = value added (tested with unthinkable success in the coffee market), this time anchoring it to pasta market. All this with the aim of rewarding direct online sales.GuidoBarilla

  • 30% more: this is the growth of e-commerce for Barilla. And this company intends to continue to invest just on web marketing, also on the local market. Guido Barilla, chairman of this multinational company, explains: ‘We are very interested in e-commerce concerning food. On the other hand, this channel is experiencing a big development, which is giving us good results especially in the USA, United Kingdom, and France. Until now, in Italy this growth has been slower, but we expect significant increases here, too’.
  • ‘CucinaBarilla’will be soon on the market. This system consists in an ‘intelligent’ oven and a range of kits containing pre-measured ingredients for preparing homemade recipes, from pasta to cakes. An important detail: while the oven will be distributed in the traditional sales channels of the appliance, the series of kits for preparing the recipes can be exclusively purchased online.

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