‘Bar Meraviglia’, prize-worthy Pop up store

It is the mirror of the product, a place to experiment personally and enjoy the values ​​that define the uniqueness of its brand. Sanpellegrino together with Re.D. Marketing & Trade concentrated all these elements in Bar Meraviglia pop-up store realised in Milan, Via Vincenzo Capelli 2, between Corso Como and Piazza Gae Aulenti. The theme that was chosen is ‘flavours of the Mediterranean’, which meet and are combined with Sanpellegrino drinks. The concept deserved the Gold Award: Popup Store 2018 at the Shop! Design Awards in Chicago, which every year enhance the most innovative experiences of retail design on a global level.

Daniela Ostidich, president of Marketing & Trade, explained: ‘The path of direct dialogue with consumers, perhaps through concept stores, is a winning strategy and in many ways it is inevitable for brands that consider the intermediation of their distributors as too narrow and limiting’. In order to emerge on the background noise of the town, Re.D Marketing & Trade focused on contrast and wonder, as the sign says: creating an oasis of peace in traffic through an unusual sensory experience, because it is linked to colours and flavours of the Mediterranean, always combined with Sanpellegrino drinks. The setting combines such natural elements as wood and lava stone cooked in Caltagirone ovens with brand's colours, blue that characterises Sanpellegrino, recalled in the logo behind counter and seats, and yellow, red and orange of citrus and fruit in the Orangerie. Citrus smells, flowering plants, citrus that decorate the space, much light and perfect correspondence between environment and drinks, harmoniously combined.

Ostidich explained: ‘Beyond the importance of the recognition of our intervention concerning retail design on Bar Meraviglia, it seems important to highlight the positive result of the concept we have developed in terms of ability to reposition both brand and type of product, carbonated drinks, towards a new target and a new meaning of consumption. No more drinks for children, but products that speak to more adult consumers, able to spend more.
From this point of view, the recipes of drinks, food paring, in order to express innovation and underline the mood of the Mediterranean in a non-trivial way, and serving, with great attention to both aesthetics and presentation aspects, were integral parts of the concept and focus of great attention’. In the sensory experience of Bar Meraviglia, beside drinks that revise both alcoholic and not alcoholic Sanpellegrino drinks studied by barman Andrea Paci, it is possible to taste some Mediterranean specialities, selected to enhance them: couscous by Andrea Provenzani, reinterpreted Sicilian muffata, fruit stuffed with ice cream by Matteo Napoli, ricotta creams by confectioner Alfonso Bottone.

Ostidich said: ‘In this historical moment characterised by retailers' weakness, lack of courage, and little innovation, the commitment of producers can allow testing and refining their offer as well as appeal to consumers without too many filters, and without excuses’.

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