Balsamic vinegar becomes modern art

Raffaella Pozzetti

The iBalsamic Monari Federzoni 1912 temporary store that was opened in Milan has a special and unique variety of products. It aims to offer customers, especially the many foreign visitors that are in Milan to visit the Expo 2015, a culinary journey through the discovery of a regional product, the Modena IGP Balsamic vinegar. The temporary store is a laboratory of taste, and, of course, a retail space where clients can buy.

The range consists of 25 different products (various types of balsamic vinegar and the balsamic vinegar glazes). The majority has been produced in limited edition exclusively for the iBalsamic shop. For the occasion Monari Federzoni will also present two hand painted types of bottles of balsamic vinegar decorated by different artists. Sandro Gozzi, sales and marketing manager of the group, explains that: "The temporary store in Milan seemed the most suitable location to offer bottles that are unique creations and a perfect gift to all our clients and especially to all the tourists that are in town thanks to this Universal Exhibition”.

The store is a real Modena vinegar shop rebuilt in the centre of Milan, in a shop where you can find both tradition and innovation. The store, which will remain open until 2nd August, is part of the series of initiatives that revolve around Expo. What is the layout of the shop like? There are about 150 square metres, on two levels: the ground floor is dedicated to innovation and gourmet. You will also be able to buy special products displayed on this floor, that have been created especially for the temporary store. The basement (where the atmosphere of a traditional Modena vinegar shop was re-created) will be dedicated to events, show cooking, and training sessions.

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