Azienda Agricola Specogna: nobility in a bottle

In 1963 Leonardo Specogna, after spending some years as emigrant in Switzerland, came back in Friuli Venezia Giulia and bought a small plot of land in the hills of Rocca Bernarda at Corno di Rosazzo, in the province of Udine. These lands are characterized by a strong wine-growing vocation, which have enabled the farm Specogna, before involved in the production of cheese and cereal, too, to specialize in the world of wine-making and devote itself exclusively to the production of wines.

Today, the Company is led by the third generation of Specogna winemakers, Cristian and Michele. By focusing on the combination of tradition and innovation, they allowed the family business to develop within the most important international markets and created a second reality, the wine-making Company ‘Toblar’, at Ramandolo, in the province of Udine.foto

foto bottiglia identit+á

The white wine Bianco Identità is born from the union of three great autochthonous vines of Friuli, that is to say Friulano, Malvasia, and Ribolla gialla. It is powerful, structured, with a good acidity, a harmonious fruity and spicy complexity. It is characterized by a typical almond and exotic fruits aftertaste. It goes well with ham and any sort of sausages, as well as fish and both fresh and fat cheeses. T

foto bottiglia dualitySauvignon Duality is born from the union of Sauvignon blanc grapes obtained in vineyards with opposite characteristics. It is structured, intense, with a good acid tension, complex and intense varietal sensations, and intense and persistent aftertaste. It goes very well with asparagus, vegetable soups, creamed pulses, and marinated fish.

Pignolo is characterized by a strong personality. It is a true and noble red wine from Friuli. It is served with all second courses prepared with game, stewed meats, and mature cheeses.foto bottiglia pignolo

Communicate exclusivity 

The approximately 10,000 bottles of reserve lines produced by the Company are mainly sold in the Horeca channel, for 40% in the domestic market and the remaining 60% in more than 15 Countries worldwide, thanks to importers who resell the products to specialized buyers, restaurants, and wine shops. Cristian and Michele Specogna specify: «Our first goal consists in transmitting the exclusivity and high quality of our wines. For this reason, we devote a lot of attention to packaging, too, which is done by hand, because a well-dressed bottle, with the right shape of the glass, a label which is adequate to the type of product it presents and excellent materials, is essential in order to be able to communicate to a buyer an idea of the value of what he (or she) is purchasing. We believe that the success of our company is primarily related to the high quality of the wines born on our hills, and, secondly, to our tenacity and courage to invest on the image and communication of products and brand, too. We aim at constantly improving the quality of our wines, besides continuing to demonstrate consistency and production reliability in the future, too. Finally, we acquired new plots of land, in order to ensure our customers a high quality in case of an increase in production, too, which we wish for entering such new markets as Russia, China, Switzerland, and the Principality of Monaco».vista aerea dei Colli Orientali del Friuli con i vigneti Specogna


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