Arrigoni wins the golden medal at BioCaseus 2017 thank to its Gorgonzola Dolce DOP Bio

Arrigoni took the first place on the podium of Biocaseus 2017, the International Competition of Organic Agriculture cheeses, thanks to its Gorgonzola Dolce DOP Bio.

This Gorgonzola DOP, organic version of one of the leading products of the company Arrigoni, is a blue cheese, soft, with raw paste and made with whole cow's milk, with marbling evenly distributed and characterized by blue-greenish molds.

The use of organic milk allows to combine the features of the traditionally sweet and creamy Gorgonzola with the philosophy of a healthy living and a proper nutrition.

Biocaseus  is at its seventh edition and it is organized by the Consortium Ecosviluppo Sardinia in collaboration with Veneto Agriculture, IFOAM, Onaf, SOIL Association (UK), BioForum Vlaanderen (Belgium), Ecovalia - Asociaciòn Valor ecological (Spain) and with the support of ICEA-Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

This year saw the participation of 174 cheeses from 9 European countries.

The cheeses were evaluated by an international jury coordinated by the Head of the Sensory Analysis Laboratory of the Institute for Quality and Agri-technologies of Veneto Agriculture and was composed of 57 experts choosen amongst members of the ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters), the Consortium for DOP cheeses and buyers of dairy products of Italian and foreign retail chains.

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