Angelo Poretti’s brewery at Expo 2015

piazzetta birra

Angelo Poretti's brewery is the Official Beer of the Italian Pavilion. Located at the intersection between the Cardo and the Decumanus, in the heart of the event, the "Piazzetta della Birra" ("Beer square") is located, where the brewery will host its exclusive space.

This location has been created in order to tell Italy and the entire world about the century-long history of the company through a sensory experience and events that highlight the typical Italian "know how" to declare key themes of the World Fair: quality, innovation and sustainability.

Visitors to the event, in fact, will be able to enjoy the best beers signed Angelo Poretti Brewery thanks to the revolutionary system of DraughtMaster ™ tapping based on drums in Pet totally recyclable, that offers the top quality of the product to the consumer. This technology, which pins without adding CO2, offers the advantage to taste the beer with its full organoleptic characteristics, as if it was just produced in the brewery, enhancing the flavors and the aromas.
It is thanks to DraughtMaster ™ that the Master Brewers of Angelo Poretti's Brewery have been able to recover and reinterpret the seasonal recipes: the bar managers can easily provide the so-called "specialties" not otherwise easily available on tap.


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