Alpine water for Soralama’ beers

DSCN0272 Slurp (4.5% alcohol) is characterized by a thirst-quenching freshness and an excellent fluidity, given by the valuable water of Vaie, a small town in the Valley ‘Val di Susa’, along the main road of the Mont Cenis which goes from Turin to France. Slurp is one of the most distinctive labels of Soralama', fusion of two founders’ nicknames. This brewery is now led by Davide Zingarelli, an engineer with a passion for beer, so that he even deals with the manufacture of equipment for producing it. Zingarelli chose Vaie as the place in which he transferred its first brewery, which was located elsewhere, just for the quality of its water. He explains: «Water is essential in beer. 95% of this drink is just water. Only climbing in the Alps, at least 1,200 meters above sea level, we could find water with these features».

In order to prepare Slurp, the water of Vaie, very sweet because of few but good mineral salts it contents, is used pure, without any treatment, and with careful hopping, which takes place in 10 different times during its production. Thus a low-fermented beer inspired by the Pilsner ones, as confirmed by its straw yellow colour with greenish hues, is obtained. Its scent reminds the typical floral aromas of fresh hops, with notes of citrus typical of American varieties. Its flavour is balanced and dry, enhanced by the embittering raw material, which however does not hide the pleasant bitter notes of malt, appreciable at their best with red meat courses.

Export to the USA and Sweden
Luisa Rosestolato, Soralama’ commercial department, explains: «Our presence at the most important national events has allowed us to gain increasing renown and to establish contacts through which we can already export to the United States and Sweden». SorA’laMA produces about 4,000 hectolitres of beer a year, raw only, packaged in cl 33 and 75 bottles as well as in l 25 returnable drums and l 20 non-returnable ones, the latter for customers who require ‘private label’ products. The brewery assigned much of its investments both to sanitizing its production process and quality controls. Lorenzo Turco, brewmaster, explains: «Thanks to them, we realize not-pasteurized beers (ales) which can be distributed over long distances, too».

The beers

In the catalogue of SorA'laMA, for whose labels typical comic expressions are chosen, Gulp! (4.2% alcohol), too, emerges. It is obtained by carbonic maceration of whole apples. It is a clear ale inspired by the Belgian Kriek Ale, but with controlled and not spontaneous fermentation. Its colour is straw yellow, with green tinges, while its scent reveals fresh notes of apple, followed by the traditional flavours of malt. In its flavour, apple still prevails, with an overall freshness given by the acidity of fruit, which offers a very pleasant impression. Gulp! is suitable with fish and foie gras, but can also be appreciated between meals.
Oooh! (8.1% alcohol) is similar to the English ‘barley wines’. Its colour is strong amber, with good foam. Its scent is intense and complex, with perceptible notes of almond, dried fruit, and spices. Its flavour is wide, sugary. It is ideal when the weather is cold.
Glu Glu! (5.6% alcohol) is characterized by a thinly veiled amber colour. It is an ale lager beer produced with five cereals (barley, wheat, oats, rice, corn), which give subtle notes of orange to its scent, full-bodied, with good harmony, to which a pleasant sensation of sweetness follows, balanced by the bitter component of hop. In this case, first courses and white meat are the best combinations.
Hurrà! (6% alcohol), intensely amber-coloured ale, is realized with 30% chestnuts of Villarfocchiardo, added raw during the mashing stage. From this ingredient and processing, the aromatic notes of wild berries and hints of vanilla associated to the wood derive. Its soft body enhances a slightly sweet malty character, which then leaves room for a bitter aftertaste.
Mmm! (4.5% alcohol), as dark as night because of the stout reference style, exhales an aroma of coffee and chocolate. It is appreciated by fans of dark beers thanks to its high drinkability, despite a round body, especially in combination with oysters and chocolate.
Splash! (4.3% alcohol) is inspired by wheat blanche beers. It is characterized by a pale straw yellow colour, slightly veiled, and fresh and delicate scent, with notes of lemon. In its mild and light taste, a sour sensation prevails. It gives freshness and drinkability, creating a harmonious balance between sweet and bitter components. Its ideal combinations are not too fat fishes and pizzas, although it can be easily tasted accompanying appetizers.

Wow! (5.8% alcohol) is double malt lager beer, as Slurp!, brewed with three red spices, with bright ruby colour. It is a low fermented beer, fresh and drinkable, characterized by a fresh and fruity aroma, a medium body, and a balanced slightly sweet taste, with a persistent aftertaste of fresh red fruit. Its suitable combinations are with sliced cold cuts and tasty cheeses.



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