Alleanza Cooperative is peremptory: “As for powdered milk, Italian government must side with NO”

“It is impossible to mediate with Brussels. Our government must side compact, without stepping back, in defence of our national legislation that until now has always banned in Italy the use of powdered milk for the production of cheese and derived products. It is a battle we expect will be fought side by side by the Ministers of both Agriculture and Industry, as well as by the whole Italian government, which cannot refuse to fight for the defence of Made in Italy”. Thus Giorgio Mercuri, President of ‘Alleanza delle Cooperative Agroalimentari (Alliance of Agro-industrial Cooperatives)’ talks about the admonition that the EU Commission forwarded to Italy to end the n. 138 law, in force in our Country since 1974. Now our Country has to provide answers to this warning.
Mercuri adds: “It is necessary to protect and safeguard in every way both quality and excellence of our dairy products. Italian dairy cooperation has always enhanced the milk produced by its members, a good half of which is used for the production of the great PDO Italian cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Asiago, etc.). For these productions characterized by a designation, of course Italian milk only will continue to be used, as the rigorous discipline contemplates”.

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