All the records of Italian sparkling wine

It is the figures provided by Coldiretti on the basis of statistics produced by ISTAT that provide a picture of a sector of absolute excellence for Italian-made wines. An immediate examination of the financial results reveals that compared to a 5% growth in wine exports in 2012, the increase in the sales of sparkling wines on the international markets has now reached 14%. But the first quarter of 2013 shows even better results and exceeds last year’s record when Italian sparkling wine held first place: 20% and stealing ground from the more costly French champagne. What has proved surprising is that in two markets in particular, both with enormous potential, sales have rocketed. These are in Russia, where sales of Italian sparkling wines have more than quadrupled in value ( 346%), and China, where sales have leapt by 147%. And, according to Coldiretti’s reports, the Italian produced sparkling wines are also driving the market in the United States, with an increase of 21%, but the outlook for sales on all five Continents, Europe included, does appear positive.

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