A winter warmed by the red fire of Red Delicious Val Venosta apple

Alpine huts covered with snow and glistening snow-capped peaks: it is winter, a magical season in Val Venosta where, thanks to a soft blanket of snow, nature is transformed into a magical landscape, suspended in an intimate atmosphere. Clear air and clear skies, the Val Venosta is rich in natural beauty that during winter are made especially impressive by the various contrasting landscapes: the imposing cathedrals of Ortles Mouuntain rise above the sunny romantic valleys that give way to steep slopes and snowfields .

To warm the cold winter days with its fiery red hue is the Red or Stark Delicious Val Venosta Apple. Fruit of extraordinary quality, the Red Delicious apple is characterized by a bright red color, almost wax, with a unique and intense flavor. The pulp is fine, creamy white in color, smelling sweet and aromatic with a juicy and slightly tart taste.
In 2005 the Red Delicious Val Venosta obtained the title " Mela Alto Adige IGP": it is the second most widely planted variety in the Val Venosta.
Great to eat both raw and cooked, it has excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties: it is especially recommended for the preparation of salads, desserts, cakes and strudels.

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