A wine rarity

Rarität 2002The wine rarity is iconic for the longevity of Cantina Terlano’s wines: «The wines first spend just under a year in a big wooden barrel. Then they are transferred to small steel tanks (2500 liters) where they are left to age on the lees before being bottled. After another year in the bottle, the wines are ready to be enjoyed to the full». That is how winemaker Rudi Kofler explains the long process involved. It goes back to Cantina Terlano’s former winemaker Sebastian Stocker, who decided to follow the French model and let the wines rest longer on the lees.

Today fifteen white wines of several different varieties, starting with the oldest Terlano rarity vintage of 1979, are stored in the small steel tanks: «For 2014 we have chosen our 2002 Pinot Bianco. The yield was low that year, and the wines were outstanding in quality as a result», says Rudi Kofler. «The wine has deep-seated, delicate aromas and a highly salty structure. It can be expected to reach its full potential in a few years». The 2002 Pinot Bianco is the first wine rarity stored under the competent guidance of Rudi Kofler and to that extent marks a new era in the history of the Terlano winery.

Cantina Terlano’s wine rarity is available from selected wine stores in a strictly limited edition of only 3,330 bottles.

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