A ‘tender’ oil

SEL OLIO ALTA00040L’Olio Tenero®, a single variety extra virgin olive oil produced in limited quantities since the time of ancient Rome, was brought back to life in 2013 thanks to Giuliano Tosti’s desire and passion. In ancient times, this oil was researched both for its quality and delicacy, and chosen as valuable food and medical remedy for many ailments. It is exclusively obtained from the pressing of the ‘Ascolana Tenera’  olive, widespread in the provinces of Ascoli, Fermo, and Teramo, at no more than 500 metres above sea level. It is a unique expression of the area of Piceno, in a growing land which spreads on more than 90 municipalities, at the boundary between Marche and Abruzzo.

A perfect balance of taste
SEL OLIO ALTA00024L’Olio Tenero®, characterized by an aromatic hint which reminds tomato, in addition to the sensation of medium intensity green fruity, presents notes of bitter and spicy in perfect balance. Its production follows rigorous specifications, which rule all the processing stages, and the exclusive pressing of olives directly selected from the tree takes place in the mill no later than 8 hours after their gathering. This oil can be purchased online or in the best gourmet shops. It is ideal in combination with soups, grilled meat, roasted fish, and vegetable crudités. It is packaged in 250 ml bottles, in order to keep it intact and unaltered in its original scent and nutritional qualities. Its bottle, packed in paper made ​​from residues of agro-industrial processing of olives and citrus, is then enclosed in a box that protects it from sunlight, which could alter the organoleptic characteristics of this extra virgin olive oil. Inside the packaging, a small booklet shows all the indications concerning the production chain of this oil and its features.

Towards international spread
Giuliano TostiGliuliano Tosti explains: «Around this project, we have gathered serious entrepreneurs who work in the domain of oil production, young owners of oil mills, and the best technicians and professionals in the field of olive growing. This oil comes from the desire of sharing a unique product of my land. Over the years I have always looked for food quality, based on my sensory perceptions and knowledge gained by attending tasting courses promoted by experts in this area, until I met the extra virgin olive oil obtained from ‘Tenera Ascolana’ olive: I experienced a real shock. Reading the writings of the past, we understood the importance of this cultivar in the history of the territory of Ascoli Piceno. So, it was a pleasure and a duty to realize ‘l’Olio Tenero’, in order to spread all over the world both culture and quality of this Made in Italy extra virgin olive oil. Among our objectives there are organic certification, identification of one or more products which enrich the line of production and marketing of l’Olio Tenero’ in world markets, primarily in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and Northern Europe, where there is a great sensitivity towards Italian food-and-wine excellences. Transparency, reliability, honesty, and search for continuous improvement toward a food quality directed to wellbeing for the final consumer are the values which orientate our activity».

A 'gem' of gastronomy
The logo is born as a jewel, an amulet which can evoke the wisdom of roots and products of the land of Piceno. It is inspired by the manufactured product which is the symbol of the culture of this area, the Piceno ring, combined with the elegance of jewels produced by Etruscan goldsmith’s art. The inhabitants of Piceno reworked not only its handicrafts, but also ideas and ways of life. The aristocracy of seventh century BC flourished luxury items, just like their Etruscan counterpart. The concept design of L’Olio Tenero®, designed so that it can be the best visiting card for a millennial culinary excellence, is born from the symbiosis between ‘Tenera Ascolana’ olive, graphically transformed into a pendant, and the elegance of a jewel which is a witness of its history.SEL OLIO ALTA00010(Dish prepared by chef Roberto Di Sante, restaurant 'Caffè Meletti' - Ascoli Piceno)

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