A successful year for Cacciatore PDO

Cacciatore PDO keeps  its leadership in the protected salami industry in 2016, having been the most popular PDO salami and the most sold on both the Italian and foreign market.  Production last year was at 3.5 million pounds, with a slight decline from the previous year, with a 40 million euro revenue.
"The data of the entire sector recorded an overall decline of household purchases of cold cuts that also affected the Cacciatore Salami market. Our product took better than others due to several factors”, says Lorenzo Beretta, Consortium Cacciatore Salami president. "The quality guaranteed by PDO and the practicality of use made that our product was maintaining its market share in an environment far from reassuring".
On the export front, 2016 was another successful year:  over 22% of total production went abroad. The fee to Germany worth 65% of exports thus confirming the country as the main market within the EU. "Regarding non-EU markets - continues Beretta - last December there was the opening of the market for Philippine exports of our meats. It is a very large country, where, however, there are no religious limits on the consumption of our products. then we will wait and see if this country can offer good potential".

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