A sparkling wine with a glamourous soul

Charling by Bolllicine is a sparkling brut wine whose DNA has been studied and created in the Veneto region, in the north east of Italy, in an enviroment that applies to its own vineyards strict technique and protocols for organic farming since 1993.

Charling has been created according to the Charmat Along  Method with 40 days of fermentation and aging of 140 days .

Charling's bottle design combines functionality with aesthetics. A pot bellied and short-necked bottle is designed to guarantee all the characteristiques and properties of a magnum enclosed wine. The magnum format is indeed ideal for storing wines because less liquid is in direct contact with the glass so that the amount of oxygen in the bottle is minimum. The black colour of the bottle protects the wine and transmits elegance and exclusivity as well. The exclusive texture and the soft touch rubberized surface activate visual emotions and tactile sensations. The Mytic Diam cork adds value to Charling.  The bottle collar is in silicon, a material that is one of the most beloved ones by contemporary designers thanks to flexibility and materiality .



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