A man’s passion for oil

Filippo Berio’s story begins in 1867 in the Italian town of Lucca, Tuscany, where a young man, Filippo Berio, set out to follow his passion: to create the finest, most delicious olive oil, worthy of his family and friends.
Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil has a rich and fruity flavor and is perfect to dipping, drizzling and marinating. The extra virgin olive oil is the result of careful selection of oils, blending skills and stringent chemical and organoleptic tests carried out by highly experienced professionals.
The oil is packed in green glass bottle. The face of the founder appears prominently on the label, reinforcing the influence of the man who first created this world famous olive oil.
Two stages of analysis must be passed in order for an olive oil to be considered extra virgin olive oil. Firstly, chemical test involving twenty different parameters; next, organoleptic analysis. This process is carried out every day in Salov for Filippo Berio by 7 highly experienced professionals of the Quality Control Team.

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