A DOC App for Valpolicella wines

grappolo corvinaThe Consortium for the Tutelage of Valpolicella DOC Wines has developed a mobile application (APP)  ‘Valpolicella Wines’, operating on both iOS and Android systems, in which the users can find a wide and detailed range of indications concerning wines and land where Valpolicella is produced. This is the first application nationwide developed for a DOC of the region Veneto and one of the first bilingual ones (Italian and English).
It has been designed for people fond of wine, experts and wine tourists, and contains information and functionalities created in order to deepen their knowledge of wine products as well as the land of Valpolicella. It offers detailed information concerning the different types of wine, news and events, wine tasting tours, with indications as for  restaurateurs and hoteliers, historical and cultural points of interest, naturalistic routes, and, in general terms, tourist activities in this land.
It is a road map in which it is possible to obtain geographical references, locate the producers and look for the ones who are in one’s proximity, with the opportunity of starting an aided browsing towards the address of a particular winery, with a list of the wines which are produced in it and their information sheet.

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