7 hops unfiltered amber-coloured beer in limited edition

The historic brewery Angelo Poretti go on its lucky experience of seasonal experience, produced in limited quantity, proposing for autumn and winter (from October 2013 to February 2014) its ‘7 Luppoli Non Filtrata Ambrata’, both in the elegant 33 centilitre retro bottle and in eco-friendly version, in 20 and 10 litre DraughtMaster PET drums, with the innovatory tapping system developed by Carlsberg Italia that uses recyclable plastic drums with no CO2 added instead of stainless steel ones.

It is an amber-coloured beer Vienna Strong style, unfiltered, with a refined hopping and important alcoholic degree (7.0 vol.), based on a special recipe characterized by different sorts of hopping. An ideal beer to be tasted alone, savouring its intense taste, or with typically wintry courses, such as chocolate cakes or stewed meats.

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