168 years old and the best is yet to come

bicchiereEXPORTGOCCEMenabrea was founded in Biella (Piedmont) in 1846 and is the oldest existing Italian brewery. For over a century it has distinguished itself for the numerous acknowledgments received even at international level, and has established itself for the application of a low fermentation technique, uncommon in the 1800s, as well as for the use of excellent quality raw materials, first of all water of Biella’s springs. In 1991 Birra Menabrea joined the Group Forst Beer, a brewing company of South Tyrol, but manages to preserve its identity and independence. Today the company is run by its CEO Franco Thedy, fifth descendant of his dynasty, and is recognized as a standard-bearer of Italian excellence worldwide. It is present in 28 Countries all over the world, among Europe, Australia, Asia, and United States. The marketing of its products, which for more than 8% is targeted at international markets, is made through the Horeca channel and stands at around 180,000 hectolitres per year, most of which are distributed in 15 and 30 litre drums.

Lager, Strong, Amber... and a special one

lager33clEXPORT20CMMenabrea’s main line, and the most sold one in Italy, is represented by the ‘150th Anniversary’ three labels: ​​Lager, Strong, and Amber. The Lager one is characterized by a remarkable floral and fruity scent, has an alcohol content of 4.8 degrees and a light golden colour; the Strong one is a double malt, low fermentation beer, with an alcohol content of only 6.5 degrees, characterized by soft taste. It can guarantee a nice balance between sweet and bitter, and has an intense and pleasant scent. To these two traditional references, in 1996, for the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the company, Menabrea Amber was added. It is a good-body beer, despite its alcohol content of 5 degrees, it’s characterized by amber colour with hints of bronze, fine and compact foam, and long, slightly malty aftertaste.

For the foreign markets, the company, which pays great attention to its image, wanted to highlight the excellence of Italian products through a specific label: Menabrea 1846. This beer, brewed only for foreign markets, is identical to the 150th Anniversary Lager one and distinguishes itself for the originality of its brand and the use of a label on which the origin of the product is marked.

Promoting Made in Italy taste
Birra Menabrea aims at many goals, for the coming years. As a matter of fact, as Franco Thedy confirms, this company is committed in promoting culture of Made in Italy style and taste, pleasure of table, and responsibly drinking, for a more conscious and moderate consumption of beer. A strategic role is also represented by foreign markets. «We are proud that our beer is appreciated even outside of Italy, it is a great satisfaction for both our brand and for Made in Italy in general terms. We want to grow abroad, in the Countries where we are already present and, at the same time, expand our market penetration in Asian markets».

Top Restaurant, cocktails and light lunches
7,5 Top RestaurantIn order to meet the requirements of restaurants, beside its traditional range of products, the company has recently introduced a new line: Top Restaurant, characterized by a premium packaging with elegant glass bottle of cl 75. Top Restaurant beers, ideal for both tasting an aperitif and embellish the traditional Italian courses or accompany a light lunch, are available in three references: 3.5 degrees Light, 55 Pils, and 7.5 degrees double Malt. The 3.5 degrees Light one is produced by following an ancient rice-based recipe; it is light, low fermented, characterized by golden colour and slightly bitter taste, associated with a malty aroma. It is perfect with typical Italian first courses, fish, and white meat. The 55 Pils, a low fermentation beer, with yellow colour and golden reflections, accompanies well ‘carpaccio di manzo’ (thinly-sliced raw beef meat dressed with oil and Parmigiano cheese), light sausages, and cheeses, and is characterized by the marked role of highly valuable aromatic hop, compact foam, intense scent, and fresh and refined bitterness, enriched by a floral aroma. The 7.5 degrees double malt, instead, is the first double malt red beer ever created by Menabrea. It is characterized by structured body, perceptible bitter taste, intense and malted gustative balance with spicy tones. It is ideal for accompanying salmon, red meats, and cheeses. It is characterized by abundant and persistent foam, and dark red colour. Franco Thedy highlights: « Even if it represents a niche product, the Top Restaurant beers have met much interest among restaurateurs and are getting a good reaction by the market».

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