VinNatur is pesticide free

The results of pesticide testings carried out this year on the wines of VinNatur associates showed a great result. All 80 samples tested were found to be free from pesticides. The producers undergoing this year's testing are those who have joined the association for the last 5 years.

“This is the first time that all of the wine samples tested are negative and for us this is a very important result, although this year we have focused only on new associates and companies that in recent years had some positive sample” said Angiolino Maule, VinNatur president.

At the experimentation of biodiversity in the vineyard, made by the agronomist Stefano Zaninotti of Vitenova - Vine Wellness, this year there are 17 VinNatur companies. The reliefs that will be made in their vineyards on the ground, flora and fauna will allow to develop a scientific pattern that can help farms in planting choices to maintain an ideal microbiological fertility and to allow a healthy plant growth.

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