The ‘balsamic’ nectar

Modena, a land rich in ancient country traditions, is the undisputed home of the balsamic vinegar. Here, inhabitants’ patience and love for this product have made balsamic vinegar a unique and incomparable product, famous throughout the world for its organoleptic properties.
The historical traces of the production of this precious nectar are lost in the mists of time: the first evidences concerning the use of grape appear from the time of Roman colonization, but only in the eighteenth century the term 'Balsamic' made ​​its first appearance in Este’s dukes’ records, who were the biggest supporters and promoters of vinegar. Until then, this seasoning was known by the expression ‘alla modenese’, and thanks to its intense scent and balanced flavour it has become one of the most prestigious food.
Passion, tradition, and excellence
Among the companies which produce this seasoning, there is ‘ABCD - Aceto Balsamico Condimenti Dintorni’, located at San Damaso, near Modena. Carrying on the ancient history of Modena, the owners’ mission consists in providing the highest quality products through the use of the best raw materials and traditional production techniques in order to communicate and share with the consumer the passion for their products.
José Cartellone, legal representative of the company, explains: «Our philosophy and the production techniques we use collect all the knowledge transmitted by our fathers. The creation of our balsamic vinegar is made up of three exceptional ingredients: passion; tradition, in accordance with the ancient production techniques; excellence that distinguishes our raw materials, carefully selected and controlled».

tradizionale‘Note di Nero’ is the first ABCD product line, composed of both DOP traditional balsamic vinegar, and IGP Modena balsamic vinegar, as well as different seasonings and icings (Balsamic Vinegar IGP differs from the traditional DOP because it can be produced from the must and wine vinegar -  while the DOP only from the must - and has a minimum aging time in barrel of 2 months compared to the 12 years of the DOP).
José specifies: «Every product meets the primary goal we set ourselves: to reach the quality heights of production in order to give continuity to a successful family history, the result of passion for one’s work and care for one’s land».
The DOP Note di Nero is the result of a patient ageing. It is available in two versions: ‘Affinato’ (at least 12 years of ageing), and ‘Extravecchio’ (at least 25 years of ageing). It is a dressing for special occasions, characterized by a dark brown bright colour and a complex, but balanced bouquet. Its scent is velvety, thick and syrupy, rich and persistent.
In the range of IGP Modena balsamic vinegar, vivace‘Il Vivace’ is well balanced, with notes of fresh fruit, and a pleasant smell of grapes. It is suitable for consumers who want quality every day, with its good viscosity and the right acetic content. It is suitable for everyday use, and thanks to its balance it proves to be suitable both raw, as a seasoning alongside with olive oil, and cooked, for enriching the tastiest courses with its persistence.
condimento mela‘L’Adagio’ is palatable, characterized by a remarkable density, body and balance, with persistent notes of dried fruit and cooked must. It is suitable for seasoning meat and cooked vegetables. ‘Il Denso’ distinguishes itself for its utmost density, its sweetness with an acid aftertaste, and strong notes of cooked must and dried fruit. It is suitable for accompanying the most delicious courses, along with cheeses, desserts of ice-cream, and with strawberries. When used raw, it is recommended to spread it in drops, directly into the dish.
The range of seasonings and icings made ​​with IGP Modena balsamic vinegar, too, is wide. These products are ideal for both classic combinations and bold matching: 'Condimento all’Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP’, characterized by a low acidity, 'Condimento a base di succo di mela acetificato (a seasoning prepared with acetified apple juice), and a line of creams characterized by different flavours, such as soybean, raspberry, mustard, or barbecue sauce.

The Organic Line
‘Color Cielo’ is the name given to the line of organic products created in combination with specific courses. ‘Aceto Balsamico Color Cielo’ was born with the utmost respect for tradition and in compliance with the rigorous production regulations. It comes exclusively from the selection of the best organic raw materials, in order to obtain a unique and natural product, synonymous with quality and reliability. tritticocremaSeveral references are proposed: ‘Color Cielo – Ideale per le verdure’, ideal with vegetables, with hints of fresh fruit, delicate pungency and moderate density; ‘Color Cielo – Raccomandato sulla carne’, recommended on meat, characterized by good density, body and balance, with persistent notes of dried fruit and cooked must, velvety pleasantness, and balanced sweetness; ‘Color Cielo – Perfetto sui dolci’, perfect on sweets, characterized by utmost density, dark brown, bright and homogeneous colour, sweet and velvety taste, with persistent notes of dried fruit and decided sensations of cooked must; ‘Crema’, a cream prepared with IGP organic Modena balsamic vinegar, is perfect on rice, meat, sweets, cheeses, and for decorating. Its taste is velvety, fruity and sweet, gentle and full-bodied, with a delicate pungency which makes it unique; ‘Saba biologica’, from the name of the cooked grape must, ideal on desserts and ripe cheeses.

ABCD has won a bet: all its products are appreciated abroad, too, in Europe and even in Mexico; they received UNI ISO 9001:2008 certifications, and their packaging is refined, «in order to provide an image which can be a mirror of our balance between search for innovation and respect for tradition».

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