PDO sparkling wines from Abruzzo Project: a meeting

From grapes of Abruzzo, sparkling wines with great organoleptic potential are expected. They will certainly meet consumers’ taste. After a working year, characterized by tastes, tests, analysis and reflections, on the occasion of the meeting entitled ‘Sparkling as a lever for the development of autochthonous vines of Abruzzo’, ‘PDO sparkling wines from Abruzzo project’ takes stock of the situation and aims at higher goals. Sparkling winesProfessors Giuseppe Arfelli, Andrea Piva and Giovanna Suzzi of the University of Teramo, along with Lino Olivastri, oenologist for ‘Citra Vini’ and responsible of the project, explained the results, from the agronomic aspects to the ampelographic ones, from the oenological ones to those related to microbiology of yeasts.
The features of the five vines chosen for sparkling wines (Cococciola, Montepulciano, Montonico, Passerina, and Pecorino) were illustrated and the importance of autochthonous vines as heritage of Italian viticulture was underlined.

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