Cider, a food trend for the next year

There is also cider between the new food trends of 2014 according to the research and consulting agency Baum + Whiteman, famous for anticipating new trends in food and then recommending restaurants and large companies. Thus 2014 will be the year of cider, along with all beverages with low alcohol content , gluten free or specific beverages suitable with specific food.
Cider is already a reality in some countries, like the United States where the most popular restaurants offer next to the best Californian, Italian or French wines a selection of ciders : dry, sweet, sparkling or still, each suitable in different courses, from appetizers to desserts .
Even in Italy in just two years cider has developed from being a product for a few connoisseurs and gourmets to being a beverage known and appreciated by more than one Italian out of 4, so that our country is now considered the eighth cider market in the world for growth speed.


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